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Storytelling & Marketing Associate

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Who Are We

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in any field (marketing and psychology is a plus)

  • 2+ years experience in storytelling, copywriting, editing or related field 

  • Experience in creating strategic communications plans (from research through measurement /evaluation ) and in designing specific content strategies to meet organizational objectives

  • Experience crafting editorial calendars and in re-purposing stories across platforms

  • Comfort and experience using editing software (image, audio and video, post production)

  • Experience using web analytics and social media monitoring/measurement tools

  • Expertise with online media -  mainly Instagram and Facebook

  • Storyboarding experience; understanding the effectiveness and appropriateness of story assets (text, images, audio, video) and how to combine them


  • Ability to develop deep understanding of Kola.Market’s overall business and customers

  • Ability to collaborate with internal and external partners to coordinate and oversee the story collection, production and distribution process

  • Keen sense of newsworthiness (what makes a story interesting from the audience’s perspective)

  • Stellar writing skills; understanding of news writing techniques

  • Interviewing skills; how to ask effective questions and develop rapport/trust with story subjects

  • Well-developed eye/ear for best practices in visual, audio and video content creation 

  • Ability to design and maintain a story bank 

About the job

Kola.Market helps SMEs grow well. We leverage AI and other digital tools to provide marketing, consistent sales and blended finance  to SMEs across Africa. With Kola AI, we understand the buying trends and cash flow cycles of our partner SMEs, uncover smart inventory management insights and assign them credit scores that enable access to adequate financing. Our goal is simple: help SMEs sell out and grow their income. According to the World Bank, there is a $245 million financing gap for SMEs in Sub-saharan Africa. Approximately 75% of SMEs lack access to adequate financing. Globally, over $1 trillion is lost due to over stocking or understocking. Kola exists to close these gaps.

The role is about telling the stories of our partner SMEs, helping them to drive up their sales and their income. Each story will tell a distinct story or fit into a broader story line with a cumulative goal to showcase the best of our partners. We like to work with people who are eager to do great things that last. We are mostly impressed with ‘partners’ who are excited about entrepreneurship and supporting SMEs everywhere to grow well. 

You'll work with the CEO and customers, engage with partners and customers, and help the world understand our partners, our value propositions and differentiators. In this role, you will ensure all communication is synchronised across major online channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter), relevant and helps the business gain visibility and drive leads. 

Kola is designed for intuitiveness, reliability and scalability. We are dedicated to helping our customers — small and large businesses — see the benefits of our offering come to life.


  • Work with CEO to tell stories that highlight how Kola is helping SMEs grow

  • Meet directly in the field with customers and partners to collect stories and understand our SME partners from personal experience (could also be virtual if candidate is remote)

  • Immerse users in a world that puts our brand values, voice, and style front and center.

  • Succinctly tell stories of how Kola is different and why we are the best partner for SMEs

  • Tell clear stories of the SMEs and manufacturers we partner with, their dreams, vision and impact

  • Synchronize content across social media, website and other channels

  • Create a Story bank for Kola

  • Develop fluency around Kola's business process, differentiator and value propositions. 

Why work with us?

  • You will be part of a dynamic learning team that is constantly evolving and developing new ways to help SMEs grow well. 

  • You will gain valuable in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of SMEs in Africa (Ghana as a proxy)

  • You will be exposed to a team of dedicated and experienced founding team members, who are ready to share and collaborate to build knowledge and fill knowledge gaps.

Are you up for the challenge?

Please send your resume to :
Kindly use the subject : Application - Storytelling & Communications Associate

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