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You don't need another 

loan product that does not support your sales goals 

You don't need to take on loans to buy additional inventory when you haven't sold what you already have. We help you digitize the entire sales process and support you with sales and marketing activities to sell out your inventory. We guarantee outcomes.

Kola simplifies how retailers and wholesalers order inventory from distributors. Our RaaS (Results-as-a-Service) intelligent forecasting uses machine learning and proprietary, predictive models to generate the most accurate orders for your stores.

Here's how it works ...


Guaranteed Sales

You have thousands of dollars worth of inventory sitting in your warehouse or shop. Let's help you sell them. We expose your business to other cost effective ways of reaching customers and making sales.


World Class
Business Intelligence

With the Kola App, you can easily view business intelligence on the go, that allows you to take strategic business decisions. View your stock levels, your best selling items, your best customers and more! 


Automated Sales & Inventory Management

We help you digitize all of your sales and credit. With AI, we use this data, along with other real world considerations to forecast the right products and the right levels of inventory to stock every day!


Here's how to get started

Step 1: Analysis

We review your

historical data

Step 2: Pilot

Select stores  or customers to pilot with

Step 3: Set Up

We support you to set up each of the customers in our database and map them to your account

Step 4: Launch

We commence work with the partners and analyse the data, leading your company’s insights

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